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There has never been a better time to apply for a church loan. Interest rates are low and can be amortized for as long as 30 years.

Many lenders are still not making new loans and of those that are making loans, even fewer are willing to help churches. We believe in this market and we believe that people of faith give even when times are tough.

We service loans ranging from $75,000 to our largest project to date $24,500,000 for Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, Texas.

If your church is looking for a loan to purchase, refinance, renovate or construct a building, simply complete our quick and easy application.

See what our clients are saying:
"I appreciate your service. You made it happen! You said you could, you said you would... and you did!" Pastor Scott, New Spirit Revival
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"I appreciate your service. You made it happen! You said you could, you said you would... and you did"
Pastor Scott, New Spirit Revival

"I was very pleased with the professionalism and customer service I received."
Mr. Massy, Living Water Christian Church of Albany, GA

"Very proud to be able to say that our church and ministry have been truly helped!"
Pastor Hogan, Neighborhood Missionary Baptist Church of Forest Hill, TX

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Our Team

Each year, our team of lending professionals analyzes thousands of transactions contributing to our $100,000,000/year average of closed loans. These loans, ranging from small renovations, to full-on expansions, have helped our clients pursue a variety of organizational goals.

We were recently featured in Inc. Magazine as the 49th fastest growing financial services company in the country. More so, our company provides loan support in three languages (English / Korean / Spanish) - making us an ideal choice for a variety of clients.

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Borrowing vs. Raising Donations

While fundraising is certainly an important part of a church's financial plan, it should be used in conjunction with strategic objectives that factor in possible cost over-runs and short-term expenses.

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Preparing Church Financial Statements

Financial statements prepared for non-profit organizations are subject to different requirements than traditional for-profit businesses.

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